I told myself that it wasn’t all that bad, Boy was I wrong!

I’m everybody’s friend, I had a gorgeous wife with 2 kids; my life from the outside seemed perfect for everybody, except for the dark part that nobody knew about.
Pornography took me places that I never thought I would reach. I started from the bottom rung in pornography, I watched porn as it seemed an “unharmful” entertainment method, like what is the worst that could happen?

At first, I liked to buy adult magazines to see some beautiful nude women, I used to swap these magazines with my close friends, we considered this as some sort of entertainment, no big deal!
After some time, the internet made the paths toward pornography and nudity became easier and more seductive, and I got hooked on these paths. until I became extremely addicted to Porn sites that I can’t pass the day without Masturbating to Pornography *At least once*; you see, this is the main problem because at first, you believe you control yourself and it’s no big deal, but by the time you start to recognize you’re messing up and pornography is ruining your life, emotions, and your life is falling apart, you start to change your beliefs but when it’s TOO LATE!

I started with pornography as an entertainment material, at first I watched any type of nudity without thinking of any specific category like *any porn will do*, but you don’t know that you are being desensitized without knowing, so you tend to watch harder stuff because you want a new “high”; It’s a fucking drug man!

And it didn’t end at this point, it didn’t end until porn consumed me totally ,,,

So I’m just driving along and I see this girl I pull over to offer her a ride and she propositioned me and suddenly I’m picking up my first prostitute on my way.

I’ve been hiding my porn use for a long time and thought I could hide it forever then one night my wife caught me I vowed to stop and I explained and I begged and she forgave me.

but when she traced me a few weeks later and caught me again for the second time, she said I’m done, she said: I don’t like you anymore, I don’t trust you, I don’t respect you and I don’t think you can ever change.

These words hit me like a ton of bricks.
You might think by now that I’m a monster, well I can’t say I’m an angel either, but I swear that hearing my wife saying she didn’t like me tore me apart.

It was at that moment that I finally became willing to get out of this shithole.

Fapless is a book I wrote after I had been addicted to porn for 8 years, hoping that I pull you out of this shithole before you get deeper.

Porn destroyed my life in many ways, so I decided to share my knowledge by writing the methods that worked for me to quit pornography once and for all.

I made a book made of 3 parts,
In the first part, I talked (briefly) about the science behind porn addiction (why do we get attached to pornography) then I summarized how addiction affects your life and body and how bad would it get.

Then I explained in the second part the steps of breaking free from pornography addiction, also I explained in detail what you will face during your rebooting process and best ways to minimize your urges, and how to deal with them when they are present.

In the third part, I what you’ll see during and after your recovery process so that you don’t freak out during the process + increase your motivation by knowing what you’ll become after completing your recovery journey

Pornography addictions is a serious problem that needs help!
It’s never too late to break this addiction.

It’s never too late to BeFapless!